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Reading Comprehension PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar PREVIEW WORKSHEET


Know Your Terminology: Subject and Object PREVIEW WORKSHEET


Compare Two Poems: 'The Echoing Green' and 'The Chimney Sweeper' PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Compare Two Poems: 'Wind on the Hill' and 'The Wind Begun ...' PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Read and Analyse Poetry: 'Night Mail' PREVIEW WORKSHEET


2D and 3D Shapes

2D and 3D Shapes: Recognising Descriptions PREVIEW WORKSHEET

3D Shapes: Drawing Dice Dots on Net Cubes PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Areas of Rectangles, Parallelograms and Triangles PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Addition and Subtraction

Add and Subtract Numbers Mentally PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Addition: Tricks for Adding Consecutive Numbers PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Estimate the Answer to an Addition by Rounding PREVIEW WORKSHEET


Algebra: Playing with Number Puzzles PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Change Missing Number Problems into Algebra (1) PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Change Missing Number Problems into Algebra (2) PREVIEW WORKSHEET



A Torch and How it Works PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Changing Wires Changing Circuits PREVIEW WORKSHEET




Characteristics of Living Things PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Differences Between Us PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Human Body

Skeleton and Circulation 1 PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Skeleton and Circulation 2 PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Skeleton and Circulation 3 PREVIEW WORKSHEET

Helpful advice for parents

Key Stage 2 SATs Overview

If your child is in year 6, you may be aware that this summer term they will be taking their End of Key Stage Tests and Assessments (often referred to as SAT’s). These are compulsory national tests which reflect the National Curriculum for English and Maths. From the summer of 2016, the tests became more […]

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Parents’ Guide: Year 6 Overview

In our latest blog series – ‘Year Overview’ – we help you get familiar with all the key topics your child will learn and the key skills they’ll improve in primary and secondary school. Here’s a brief overview of Year 6 in English, maths and science with focus areas and main topics.

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