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Hi, letter detective. Are we pleased to see you!  

You’ve guessed it. We have another set of puzzles we need your help to solve.  Are you ready?

Here are the first three letters of a word and the last three letters of another word:





We need to find the same letter to finish cla__ and start __ark.


We could use the letter p. This would make clap and park.


It could be shown like this:


cla (p) ark

Let’s try another question:

Which letter could finish the first word and begin the second word?

par (__) eam


m           g          t


The correct answer is t as it will make part and team.


Now, let’s make it more challenging! We need to find the same missing letter for four words, not just two!


cro (__) int

tra (__) our


Just as before, we need to find an option which fits the first pair. Then we need to check that the same option works in the second set.


The missing letter is p, giving us:


cro (p) int

tra (p) our


The four complete words are: crop, pint, trap and pour.

Now it’s your turn to find the missing letters in the questions on the next pages. Enjoy the hunt!      

Goo(_) luc(_)!

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