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Percentages are all around us...we just don't see it most of the time.

We may need to calculate increases...  these are sometimes good like a pay rise,( i wish)  but can also be bad, like bills rising each year. (to true)


We may also need to calculate percentage decreases ... sometimes good like a tax bill decreasing, or sometimes bad like the value of a car reducing.

 Has he got bigger, or have I got smaller?


To find a percentage increase we use a multiplier.

If we want to increase 350 by 22% we use the multiplier 350 x 1.22 which equals 427 

(this means we take the whole amount of 350 and add 22% to it).

So if we want to increase 241 by 18% the multiplier is 241 x 1.18 = 284.38. 


getting smaller

Decreasing 350 by 22% we just do 350 x 0.22 right? Using 0 because we are decreasing. NO, NO, NO

Care is needed here   Remember percent means 'out of 100'. 


To decrease we need a little more work.  

We need to take the 22% from 100% first. So, 100 - 22 = 78  (we only want to find the 78% that is left).

To complete the decrease the multiplier is 350 x 0.78 = 273


So decrease 42 by 18% = 100 - 18 = 82% and therefore, 42 x 0.82 = 34.44



snailTake it slowly and you will get there..


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