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The following activity is a practice exercise to help you measure your success under timed conditions. 

If you are unsure of an answer move on to the next question.  You should come back to questions you found difficult at the end if you have time.  


We must pick one word from each set of brackets that can be connected to the word in front of it in the same way.  

Which words from the sets of brackets would best finish this sentence?

Elbow is to (arm, joint, funny) as knee is to (graze, leg, trousers).


First, we need to find a connection between elbow and one of the words in brackets.

Elbow is connected to arm as this is where it is found. Elbow could also be connected to joint as this is what it is, and also to funny due to the funny bone!  


We need to see if one of these connections can be made with knee and the words in brackets.

A knee is found on your leg, so we have found the connection! It’s the place where these joints are found.


Elbow is to arm as knee is to leg.


Now it's time to begin this practice exercise.  Good luck!


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