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This paper will test your reading and writing. It is a good idea to print out the source materials from the PDF files to have in front of you to read and annotate.


Source 1: Teenagers Turn Off TV in Favour of Facebook

Source 2: #Social Media #Modern Parental Problem!

Source 3: Camp Westbury


Answer all questions and give yourself a time limit of two hours - one for Section A and one for Section B. Set an alarm! You must refer to the reading sources provided. You must not use a dictionary.

  • The marks for questions are shown in brackets.
  • The maximum mark for this paper is 80.
  • You are reminded of the need for good English and clear presentation in your answers. 
  • Before you start writing, read through all of the questions you have to answer and the reading sources.
  • You are advised to spend two hours on this paper.


Good luck!

7 questions