With the last week of the Easter holidays upon us, it’s time for those preparing for GCSE exams to have a final cram but it shouldn’t be all work and no play. Practice makes perfect so help make revising fun by spicing things up with EdPlace resources for GCSE EnglishMaths and Science. Make sure complex topics like photosynthesis in biology stick in young minds with colourful, creative mind-map techniques.


A crucial skill for exams is essay writing.  Click here for our 'Top tips for winning essays'.

The long Easter weekend is a great chance for families to get together but can be a stressful time when exam preparation is at the forefront of some family members’ minds. Remember, being rewarded for revision is important but teaching young people to motivate and reward themselves is an even more valuable life skill that will last well beyond this years’ exams. Young people will have received support from school on how to plan their own revision timetables and this needs to be reinforced at home. Encourage regular breaks and planned rewards from quick refreshment breaks (with favourite treats well stocked in the fridge) to time out with friends.


Don’t forget young members of the family too, even if they don’t have exams, there’s plenty of fun educational games and activities to get involved in. Don’t underestimate the educational value of family days out to zoos, museums and parks. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the great outdoors and there’s strong support for why getting outdoors is great for learning and development.

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