* Essay Writing Competition Entry *

For our exciting ‘My Summer Adventure’ competition, we asked our students to tell us about their summer in an essay. In our 'My Summer Adventure' mini blog post series we share the best essays selected by our English teacher. Read Rea's (age 15) essay below. Well done Rea, you did an amazing job!

With a deep breath, I trod forward and relaxed, allowing my body to plummet to the depths below. I felt the air scrape my body as I tumbled and within seconds I was swallowed by the glistening liquid and it was like I had opened my eyes to another world. The blur of turquoise filled my sight and my ears heard nothing but emptiness.

Then suddenly, almost as if I was brought back to life, the silence was sucked out like a vacuum and with a huge splash I was brought to the surface. Before I could even think, my heart melted and affection seeped into me as a baby elephant, coloured in the most majestic shade of grey, nuzzled me. I pulled myself onto its smooth back and now united, we trekked across the waters. However I had soon realised that beneath us, the fluid merged into soil and the skies turned from bright to doleful. Running my hands along the baby elephant’s back, I realised it was no longer soothing but rough and abrasive. I closed my eyes in hope that I would return to where I was moments ago, my paradise. But upon opening them, the sheer reality hit me.

I was in my bedroom, lying on the coarse carpet and staring up at the sombre ceiling, fantasying just like I have for the whole of my summer so far.