Taking the decision to pay for extra tuition for your child can be a tough one for some. It’s not just the financial cost; some worry that they might be perceived as giving their child an unfair advantage, others that if they don’t do it, their child’s future may be compromised.

So how do you decide? At EdPlace we firmly believe that every set of circumstances is different. Some children can really benefit from additional one-to-one support, for others it may not be necessary or appropriate. Parents know their children better than anyone, so trusting your instincts about what will be best for your child is a good rule of thumb. Does your child respond well to individual attention? Are they shy in group situations and do their teachers express concern that they don’t speak up in class?


Tuition can serve a number of purposes. It can be equally useful for children who are falling behind or in contrast, are frustrated because they find their school work isn’t stretching enough. Preparing for the 11 plus or entrance exams is also often a reason to choose tuition.


EdPlace offers a wealth of materials for you to support your child’s learning at home in fun and creative ways that are mapped to the national curriculum. Whether you decide to employ the services of a tutor or put in some extra time yourself, or perhaps use a mixture of both, keeping abreast of what your child should be covering at school is a good idea anyway.