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Helping your child progress and improve their grades.


See your child progress by over 150% in English, maths and science when using EdPlace over the course of a school year.*


1000s of resources in English, maths and science. 100% National Curriculum aligned.


All content created and checked by teachers with 5+ years experience.


Customisable settings to make online learning accessible for SEND students.

The best partner for your child's education

Help your child gain confidence and measure results, at a price that's affordable. Clever you!

Progress Dashboard

You'll have visibility to each child's progression and results, helping you to understand gaps in learning.

Adaptive learning

Our smart technology adapts to your child's learning progress.


Fun and customisable rewards to keep your child motivated.

Save time

We'll automatically assign topics to your child based on their year and progression.

Curriculum-aligned resources

Thousands of English, maths and science worksheets, assessment and revision materials from year 1 to GCSE.

SEND accessibility

Use our customisable worksheet settings toolbar to help support children with SEND.

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Quality content from teachers who care

The best teachers and the best technology to support you from age 5 to 16.

Top notch teachers

Nothing but the best for your child when it comes to the teachers we work with. Every teacher on the EdPlace Teacher Team has 5+ years experience to ensure they have the right experience to help your child learn each topic fully.

Thousands of interactive resources in English, maths and science

With EdPlace you can have confidence we’re bringing you the most comprehensive coverage of the topics your child is learning. We cover 90% of the core curriculum to give you peace of mind you’re setting your child up for success.

100% National Curriculum aligned

Our content works alongside your child’s school curriculum to help them achieve greatest success.We have two teams of teachers (content creators and curriculum checkers) to provide you access to the most up to date curriculum topics.

Easy as 1-2-3

Have fun learning on our desktop website or on-the go with our app

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