Teacher Videos

Here's a sample of our Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 Maths videos. In the videos, our expert teachers take you through their worksheets, explaining the topic and telling you how they answer the questions. They're designed to help you learn at your own pace and to give you the confidence to master topics. Click on the red titles to view the worksheets.


MATHS - Year 1 (ages 5-6)

2D and 3D Shapes: Know Your 2D Shapes
Addition and Subtraction: Addition and Subtraction: Find the Number (1-10)
Addition and Subtraction:  Know Your Numbers: Adding Ten (1)
Counting: Know Your Numbers: Count Objects by Grouping
Counting: Know Your Numbers: Odd and Even
Position and Direction: Position and Direction: Identifying Places
Position and Direction: Position and Direction: Turning in a Circle (1)


MATHS - Year 2 (ages 6-7)

2D and 3D Shapes: Know Your 3D Shapes: Faces, Edges and Corners
Addition: Know Your Numbers: Tens and Ones (20-39)
Measurement: Measurement: Knowing Which Unit to Use
Multiplication: Know Your Multiplication: Use Any Order
Place Value: Count the Number of Objects Using Tens (1)
Place Value: Know Your Numbers: Tens and Ones (2)
Statistics: Counting and Sorting Data: How You Travel to School
Statistics: Counting Data: Keeping Tally
Statistics: Comparing Data: Where is it Grown?
Time: Measuring Time: How Long?
Time: Telling the Time (1)


MATHS - Year 3 (ages 7-8)

Addition: Know Your Numbers: Hundreds, Tens and Ones
Division: Know Your Division: Divide by 4
Fractions: Know Your Fractions: Fraction Wall (1)
Graphs, Charts and Tables: Statistics: Bar Graph Crisp Survey
Graphs, Charts and Tables: Statistics: Where is the Explorer and His Food?
Measurement: Measurement: How Many Metres or Centimetres?
Multiplication and Division: Division: Using Facts From Multiplication
Place Value: Know Your Numbers: Estimating Numbers
Statistics: Sorting Data: How Many Ways?
Statistics: Statistics: What Words Mean
Statistics: Statistics: Who Reads What?
Time: Reading a Calendar (1)


MATHS - Year 4 (ages 8-9)

2D and 3D Shapes: Geometry and 2D Shapes: Comparing Triangles
Addition and Subtraction: Find the Number: What Makes the Sum Correct? (3)
Fractions and Decimals: Decimals and Fractions: Which is Bigger?
Graphs, Charts and Tables: Statistics: How Many Cars? (1)
Lines, Angles and Degrees: Geometry: How Many Right Angles?
Money: Counting Cash: Solving Money Problems
Place Value: Four-Digit Numbers: Place Value (1)
Place Value: Number Sequence: Which Number is Closest?
Subtraction: Subtract Two-Digit Numbers from Three-Digit Numbers
Time: Telling the Time: Using 24-Hour Clocks


MATHS - Year 5 (ages 9-10)

Division: Dividing by 4: How Many Remain?
Four Operations:  Measurement: Problem Solving (1)
Fractions and Decimals: Addition: Adding Two Decimal Numbers
Measurement: Measurement: Find Approximate Equivalents
Multiplication and Division: Is it Prime?
Multiplication and Division: Word Formulae
Percentages: Percentages: Converting to Fractions
Place Value: Know Your Numbers: Alternative Numbers
Place Value with Negative Numbers: Add and Subtract with Negative Numbers
Place Value with Negative Numbers: Negative Numbers: Ordering Numbers
Position and Direction: Geometry: Coordinate Shapes (1)
Time: Interpreting Timetables: When's the Next Train? (3)


MATHS - Year 6 (ages 10-11)

2D and 3D Shapes: Measurement: Calculating Cuboid Dimensions
Four Operations: Calculate Without a Calculator (1)
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages: Multiply Numbers with Two Decimal Places
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages: Shading Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (1)
Graphs, Charts and Tables: Ratio and Proportion: Reading a Pie Chart (1)
Line, Angles and Degrees: Geometry: What's the Angle?
Position and Direction: Geometry: Reflections on a Grid
Statistics: Statistics: Mean, Median, Mode and Range (1)


MATHS - Year 7 (ages 11-12)

Algebra: Equations: Solve Simple Equations (+ or -)
Algebra: Problem Solving: Does it Fit?
Algebra: Problem Solving: Translate into Algebra (1)
Four Operations: Checking Your Work with a Calculator
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages: Work Out the Missing Numbers in Equivalent Fractions
Money: Money-Off Coupons
Multiplication and Division: Divisibility Rules: 2, 3, 5 and 10 (1)
Powers and Roots: Cubing Decimals
Prime and Composite: Numbers: Prime or Composite? (2)
Probability: Probability Spinners
Time: Change Times Given in Decimals into Hours and Minutes
Using a Calculator: Find Whole Number Remainders After Division


MATHS - Year 8 (ages 12-13)

2D and 3D Shapes: Angle Labelling
2D and 3D Shapes: Find Circumferences of Circles Using Their Radii (2)
Algebra: Expressions: Multiplying Out Brackets (1)
Algebra: Problem Solving: Which Solutions Work? (1)
Algebra: Sequences and Terms: Arithmetic Sequences (the nth Term)
Algebra: Sequences and Terms: Geometric Sequences
Line, Angles and Degrees: Angles in Triangles and on Parallel Lines (1)
Measurement: Square Units of Measurement
Place Value: Absolute Values
Probability: Probability of Picking Colours
Standard Form Number: Compare Numbers in Standard Form


MATHS - Year 9 (13 - 14)

2D and 3D Shapes: Surface Area of Cylinders
2D and 3D Shapes: Volumes of Cones
Algebra: Fractions: Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions (1)
Geometry and Trigonometry: Mixed Trigonometry Questions
Multiplication and Division: Divisibility Rules (2)
Powers and Roots: Dividing Indices
Probability: Outcomes and Probability (2)
Probability: Probability Tree Diagrams (1)
Pythagoras' Theorem: Pythagoras' Theorem (1)
Ratio and Proportion: Speed, Distance and Time
Statistics: Averages from Frequency Charts


MATHS - Year 10 (14 - 15)

Algebra: Equations: Gradient and Intercept of a Line y = mx + c (1)
Algebra: Expressions: Squaring Binomials (1)
Algebra: Fractions: Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions (1)
Algebra: Fractions: Factorising Trinomial Expressions (1a)
Geometry and Measures: Pythagorean Triads
Geometry and Measures: Similar Triangles and Parallel Lines
Geometry and Measures: Trigonometry and Bearings
Number Calculations: Mixed Indices
Probability: Probability Tree Diagrams


MATHS - Year 11 (15 - 16)

Algebra: Equations: Solving Simple Cubic Equations
Algebra: Expressions:: Simplifying Surds (4)
Geometry and Measures: Distances in Polygons with Inscribed Circles
Geometry and Measures: Finding Angles Using the Cosine Rule
Geometry and Measures: Finding the Length of a Line Segment
Geometry and Measures: Vector Problems
Number Calculations: Radical Exponents (2)
Number Calculations: Recurring Decimals (2)
Ratio and Proportion: Compound Interest (2)
Ratio and Proportion: Exponential Growth Formula