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Year 9 Algebra Equations Worksheets

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Whether you’re looking for additional support for your child outside of the classroom or you’re on the hunt for resources to use for your homeschooling programme, our year 9 algebra equations worksheets are here to help. Algebra can be a tricky topic at the best of times, so it’s important to make sure your child understands the basics and more complicated elements. Our year 9 algebra worksheets help teach your child the fundamentals of algebra, and work on deepening their understanding as they progress through the curriculum.

18 Maths Year 9 Algebra: Equations worksheets available

When you start to use our algebra worksheets, you can be sure your child will gain the skills and understanding to solve algebraic equations, complete sequences using algebra, simplifying algebraic expressions and more. A great supplement to our fractions worksheets and multiplication worksheets, algebra is a key skill that assists in forming a well rounded maths education. We know how challenging it can be to keep learning fun, which is why our year 9 algebra questions and answers, activities and revision resources, have been created by our team of teachers to ensure they’re both educational and enjoyable, whilst remaining aligned to the year 9 algebra equations National Curriculum topics.

We work hard to ensure that no step feels too big for your child; our year 9 algebra worksheets introduce new content slowly and in easily digestible chunks to give your child plenty of time to solidify their previous knowledge before moving on to new ideas.

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