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Develop Understanding of Using Vocabulary for a Specific Purpose

In this worksheet, students will develop their understanding of how to use vocabulary for purpose/audience.

'Develop Understanding of Using Vocabulary for a Specific Purpose' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 2

Year:  Year 6 English worksheets

Curriculum topic:   Writing: Composition

Curriculum subtopic:   Plan What and Who to Write For

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview

Whenever you have to write something, you have to consider the purpose (why you are writing) and the audience (who you are writing for). 


One of the best ways to see what to do, is to look at good pieces of writing and see how vocabulary has been used.


In this activity, you will look at a piece of writing and work out what words have been chosen, what they mean and why they have been used.


Have a read of the text we will use and then get ready to answer some questions!


wintry snow


The world lay cloaked in a serene hush as winter's icy grip held the landscape in its frosty embrace. A pristine blanket of snow, soft and untouched, covered the earth like a shimmering quilt, transforming the familiar into a magical realm. The trees, once adorned with vibrant autumn hues, now stood bare, their branches outlined in delicate frost.


A pale, silvery light bathed the scene, emanating from a winter sun that hung low in the sky, casting long shadows across the glistening expanse. The air was crisp and cold, each breath visible in a misty dance. The stillness was interrupted only by the occasional creaking of snow-heavy branches or the distant call of a winter bird.


As far as the eye could see, the world sparkled with a million diamonds. The snow-covered fields and hills shimmered in the soft sunlight, creating a landscape of pure, unblemished beauty. Frozen ponds and streams reflected the wintry scene, their surfaces like mirrors capturing the fleeting moments of a chilly wonderland.


In the midst of this frozen paradise, quaint cottages with smoke spiralling from their chimneys gave a sense of warmth and cosiness. The windows, decorated with delicate frost patterns, framed scenes of fireside gatherings and flickering light. Footprints, both human and animal, criss-crossed the landscape, telling silent stories of winter adventures and exploration.


In the wintry stillness, nature seemed to hold its breath, preserving a moment of tranquil beauty that invited contemplation and reflection. It was a scene of quiet magnificence, where time itself appeared to stand still, leaving behind a world draped in the enchantment of winter's embrace.

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