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The following activity is a practice exercise to help you measure your success under timed conditions.

If you are unsure of an answer, move on to the next question.

You should come back to questions you found difficult at the end if you have time.



Let’s try one together as a reminder:


Look at the jumbled sentence below:

purrs my fur nose when I cat stroke silky her loudly


Can you work out how to un-jumble the words so that the sentence makes sense and identify the extra word?

First, we need to see if we can group any of the words together.

We can see that my cat and her silky fur go together.


Next, we need to look for any verbs and match them with their subjects.

The verbs in the sentence are: purrs and stroke.

Can you match these with the subjects which are: my cat and I?

Did you get my cat purrs and I stroke?


Let’s put that together and this gives us:

My cat purrs when I stroke her silky fur.


The extra word here must be nose, as we cannot include it in this sentence in any way which makes sense.



Now it's time to begin this practice exercise.