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Help your child gain confidence and measure results, at a price that's affordable. Clever you!

Visibility and results

Track your child's progress and measure results with your parent dashboard.

Personalised learning

Our smart technology adapts to your child's learning progress.

Rewards and badges

Fun and customisable rewards to keep your child motivated.

Cost effective

We believe every parent should be able to access quality educational resources. For as little as £10 a month we make this possible.

Quality content

Access the most comprehensive coverage of Maths, Science and English. 100% National Curriculum aligned.

Top notch teachers

All our content is created by some of the best teachers across the UK, with 5+ years experience.

Here's what other parents think
EdPlace covers all the school years and works alongside the curriculum with a chance for progression.
My daughter enjoys working far more independently and loves the rewards.
With EdPlace by my side I feel I can conquer every challenge ahead.

Hello, we're EdPlace

We believe every parent should have access to quality educational support that effectively helps their child succeed. We do this by providing parents access to the best education tools, technology, resources and teachers.

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We're a passionate team of tech heads, marketing gurus, number crunchers, customer carers and education experts. We’re focussed on having a big impact in education whilst having a lot of fun doing it.

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