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Healthy Living And Diet Worksheets

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Our healthy living worksheets are a great way to teach your child about the human body, what keeps it going and how to keep it in a great condition! Including diet worksheets, your child will learn about nutrition, food and health and even common diseases. Our health worksheets start in KS1, and work their way through KS2 and even GCSE level to teach your child what they need to know throughout both their education, and later life. Available to be used as part of a homeschooling curriculum or extra activity outside of the classroom, our healthy living worksheets are created by a team of dedicated teachers who ensure they’re 100% aligned with the National Curriculum - especially useful when used alongside our other science worksheets.

Learn about healthy living worksheets

We introduce topics slowly throughout our healthy living worksheets, making sure your child fully understands the previous topic before introducing new content. This makes our health worksheets easier to digest and aids the development of your child’s knowledge and understanding. We use a variety of resources including activities, worksheet style content, questions and answers and visual elements to keep your child intrigued and engaged, which can also help them consolidate their knowledge more quickly.

Key Stage 1 healthy living worksheets introduce some information about health including nutrition. Year 2 healthy living worksheets talk about plants as food, foods we like and the differences between omnivores, carnivores and herbivores.


Moving onto Key Stage 2, our year 3 health worksheets and year 4 health worksheets focus on what makes up a healthy diet, and introduces the concept of food chains. Year 6 health worksheets discuss whether diets and exercise matter, and the differences between alternative diets.


Key Stage 3 healthy living worksheets move onto more advanced ideas and topics, whilst consolidating what your child already knows. In our year 7 healthy living worksheets, your child will further explore feeding relationships including the food chains and more. By the time your child reaches year 9 health worksheets, they will start to learn more about fitness and energy and the effects drugs and alcohol have on the body.


GCSE healthy living worksheets teach your child about more complex diseases, and the role of the immune system in the human body. They will be taught about risk factors for different diseases and the effectiveness of antimicrobials on bacteria.

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