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Addition Worksheets

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We know it’s hard to stay interested when you’re learning about maths, but our addition worksheets make learning about this important topic fun, approachable and easy to understand. Designed completely in line with the National Curriculum, all of our maths worksheets help to teach your child new content without introducing new topics too quickly. Our addition worksheets cover one of the most important aspects of maths, and work best when used in conjunction with our subtraction worksheets, multiplication worksheets and division worksheets.

Learn about addition worksheets

All of our resources including a range of addition questions and answers, worksheets and more are available to complete online, or printable in PDF format. Popular as both an independent homeschooling resource and additional support outside of school, our math addition worksheets from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 could be perfect for you!

The most important thing to do when approaching any new topic is to create a solid base of knowledge which can be built upon later on. Our Key Stage 1 addition worksheets do just that, giving your child the core principles of addition that they’ll need later on. Our year 1 addition worksheets use pictures to help your child add up to 20, and they should start to be able to find the missing number from a simple sequence. Year 2 addition worksheets should help your child to be able to add in any order, as well as adding tens at a time onto any number. Completing addition table worksheets can also help your child work problems out more effectively.


The aim of our Key Stage 2 addition worksheets is to consolidate the knowledge learnt in Key Stage 1, and add some more concepts and practice questions to support your child. Our year 3 addition worksheets introduce adding 2 digit numbers together, as well as adding up to 5 single digit numbers together. Your child should also be able to identify whether the answers they end up with are odd or even, as well as start to learn how to add 1, 10 and 100 from numbers. Things take a step up in our year 4 addition worksheets, where your child should learn how to add 3 and 4 digit numbers together, and add multiple 2 digit numbers together. They should become more confident adding hundreds and thousands to numbers.


Both our year 5 addition worksheets and year 6 addition worksheets help your child to be able to work out more complex addition questions, including adding two large numbers together using different methods. They should also begin to understand how to add numbers mentally, and even some tricks to easily add consecutive numbers!

By the time your child starts to use Key Stage 3 addition worksheets, they should already be confident in working out difficult addition questions and problems. Our year 7 addition worksheets and year 8 addition worksheets introduce adding positive and negative numbers, as well as ensuring they have a solid knowledge of all of the previous topics they’ve learnt about over the years.

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