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Factors Worksheets

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Our factors worksheets are a useful learning resource for children using our maths worksheets. With our factors worksheets the perfect way to help your child learn about finding factors, factorising, understanding lowest common factors and highest common factors, understanding the relationship between factors and prime numbers and much more, we can be an important part of your child’s learning as they progress through the maths curriculum. In their most simple form, factors are whole numbers that divide exactly into another whole number, without anything left over (a remainder). When factorising, your child will learn to break down numbers or terms into their factors. For example, the factors of 12 could be expressed as 1x12, 2x6 and 3x4 - learning this skill throughout our factors worksheets will help your child with other maths concepts, teaching them to divide money equally in our money worksheets, improve their division worksheet skills and more easily understand increments of time and many more examples.

Learn about factors worksheets

All our factors activities are created by a dedicated team of teachers, we ensure every single one of our factors and factorising worksheets are fun and engaging - we know how difficult it is to keep your child motivated to learn! Including a range of interactive factor activities, questions and answers and practice tests, our factors worksheets have everything your child needs for some extra-curricular learning or homeschooling programme.

Our key stage 2 factors worksheets are the perfect introduction for your child. Naturally introducing the idea of factors, our year 5 factors worksheets approach the topic by helping your child select the correct factor pairs for a given number to help your child feel more familiar with factors of numbers. Your child will also be able to use interactive elements such as factor spiders to better visualise how factors relate to a number. Our factors worksheets will also help your child to learn to use factor spiders, helping to identify and count how many factor pairs a number has.


Our year 6 factors worksheets further your child`s understanding of factors, including helping them to find common factors between numbers, using common factors to simplify fractions and more. These factor worksheets will help them improve their topic vocabulary and give them a strong foundation of knowledge.

Our key stage 3 factors worksheets start to develop your child’s knowledge further, introducing more challenging ideas. Year 7 factors worksheets teach your child factorisation where they find the prime factorisation of composite numbers. Your child can also use our factors worksheets to revise and consolidate their previous knowledge of factors, giving them plenty of opportunity to further develop their knowledge.


Our year 8 factors worksheets and year 9 factors worksheets continue developing your child’s understanding of finding the product of prime factors, and teaches them how prime factorisation works with indices. Our factor and factorising worksheets Wherever your child is in their educational journey, our factor and factorising worksheets are useful for your child wherever they are in their educational journey - with practice factors tests or assessments along the way, including a number of learning resources and factors questions and answers.

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