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Symmetry Worksheets



Symmetry is one of the first things your child will be introduced to throughout their first couple of years of maths worksheets. Our range of symmetry worksheets aim to teach your child about the different subtopics in an approachable and easy to understand manner. From lines of symmetry, rotational symmetry and much more, your child will learn everything they need to know before moving on to the next topic, with all of our symmetry worksheets being completely aligned with the National Curriculum. Our symmetry worksheets range from Key Stage 1 all the way up to GCSE level, meaning your child can learn about symmetry from start to finish throughout their studies.

Learn about symmetry worksheets

We love keeping learning fun - it’s important to keep your child with a range of different activities, including symmetry questions and answers, worksheet style content and much more. Our gradual introduction of new concepts helps your child to consolidate their knowledge; our symmetry worksheets are perfect to either be used as an extracurricular aid or as part of a homeschooling program. Symmetry comes up at different points throughout maths, so check out one of our sample free symmetry worksheets and see how they can help your child today.

Our KS1 symmetry worksheets help to teach your child the fundamentals of symmetry, what it means and examples of symmetry. Year 2 symmetry worksheets utilise 2D shapes to help your child understand the principles of line symmetry in simple shapes. This will help them develop their knowledge as they progress throughout our range of lines of symmetry worksheets.


Moving onto our KS2 symmetry worksheets, your child should begin to be able to identify lines of symmetry in 2D shapes on their own. Lines of symmetry in letters are introduced, helping your child move on to slightly more difficult shapes. By this point, your child should also be able to complete symmetric figures and understand the concept of reflective symmetry with regards to geometry.


By the time your child reaches our KS3 symmetry worksheets, they should have a deeper understanding of how symmetry works, and how to identify it across a range of different shapes. Year 7 symmetry worksheets not only work on consolidating the knowledge your child has learnt across previous years, but also introduces rotational symmetry worksheets. Rotational symmetry is something shapes have if they look the same after being rotated than they did beforehand - an important topic your child should learn about at this level.


GCSE symmetry worksheets introduce more complex symmetry topics and skills, including being able to identify reflective symmetry and recognise rotational symmetry across a variety of different shapes.

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