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Ratio Worksheets

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When your child comes to completing maths worksheets, you’ll find that ratio comes up time and time again. Our ratio worksheets will help teach your child about ratio through a range of engaging worksheets, questions and answers and other activities which teach them everything they need to know about ratio. Our wide variety of ratio activities are made by a team of dedicated teachers who ensure they’re all aligned to the National Curriculum, without making them boring at the same time! When used in conjunction with our other resources, you can help give your child some extra support outside of the classroom.

Learn about ratio worksheets

With our fractions worksheets and percentages worksheets both needing a good understanding of ratio, you can see why it’s important to learn early. Our ratio worksheets start from year 2 and work their way all the way up until GCSE, walking your child through the basics before slowly progressing into a more complex understanding. All of our maths worksheets are designed to be able to supplement school education or as a homeschooling aid, so you can use our ratio worksheets however you like. Try out one of our sample free ratio worksheets today to see how they can help you!

Our year 2 ratio worksheets and year 3 ratio worksheets introduce the basic principles of ratio, including products and sums of numbers and reviewing common numbers, including 2, 3 and 4. Your child should also start to be able to solve problems using the four operations, which is important when learning about ratios.


Moving on to year 4 ratio worksheets and year 5 ratio worksheets, your child will continue to explore the topic of ratio, through square numbers and being able to identify whether numbers are equal to one another - something that’s particularly important when it comes to simplifying ratio worksheets.


Our year 6 ratio worksheets begin to introduce many more ratio activities and questions. Your child will start to learn about simple ratios, including 1:2 and 2:3. We also include some ratio questions and answers to help test your child on their knowledge.

Key Stage 3 ratio worksheets continue to develop your child’s understanding of ratio and how it can be applied in different situations. Year 7 ratio worksheets introduce the idea of sharing using ratios - marking the start of ratio and proportion worksheets. Year 8 ratio worksheets help your child understand direct proportions and sharing in a given three part ratio, therefore gradually increasing the depth of your child’s understanding. Our year 9 ratio worksheets and GCSE ratio worksheets continue to develop ratio and proportion, as well as helping to consolidate and revise previous knowledge.


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