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Probability Worksheets

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Chances are that your child will come up against probability sooner rather than later in their journey throughout maths; with our probability worksheets, your child can learn all about probability, how to work out how likely or unlikely something is, and how to properly express that in different forms. Probability is a useful tool within maths, used to describe how likely or unlikely something is to happen - probability questions usually approach this topic using real life examples, such as working out the probability of coin flips, dice rolls and more. When used in conjunction with our other maths worksheets, your child should find they can more easily understand probability and how to calculate it - fractions worksheets, decimals worksheets and algebra worksheets can all give your child a head start when it comes to probability!

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We work with a talented team of UK teachers to create our probability questions and answers and other resources; created to be engaging and fun, as well as staying completely in line with the National Curriculum, our probability worksheets are enjoyable and informative to complete! We’re proud to offer resources that not only work as extra help outside of your child’s regular classroom time, but can even be used as part of a homeschooling programme. If you’re looking for other resources, you can even check out our English worksheets and science worksheets, giving you the ability to help your child across the breadth of the curriculum.

Our probability worksheets start in Key Stage 3, and introduce the idea of simple probability and outcomes, using visual examples and real life situations, including the probability of picking a certain colour. Your child will begin to use probability scales in our year 7 probability worksheets, and will also understand that you can also calculate the probability of something not happening using opposite probabilities.


Our year 8 probability worksheets continue to build on your child’s understanding using simple examples, including the odds of picking colours or numbers. They will begin to be able to make predictions about certain probabilities, and should be able to use a two-way table to help answer probability questions. Year 9 probability worksheets use probability tree diagrams and more to help prepare your child for GCSE, where they’ll be exploring experimental probability, theoretical probability and much more! All of our resources, including our probability questions and answers, are designed to gradually improve your child’s understanding of the topic without overloading them, and gives enough time to build a solid foundation of the basics.


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