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Square Numbers Worksheets

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Square numbers are used to express numbers multiplied by themselves in a simple way.  This helps to make them more accessible when your child is first introduced to them when learning the maths curriculum. Our square numbers worksheets help children understand why we use square numbers, how to express them using the correct notation and help them start to learn some square numbers. Square numbers are denoted using a small 2 to the right of a number - for example, 3² is equivalent to 3 x 3 which equals 9. Our square number worksheets are a valuable resource that helps your child with other maths worksheets, including our multiplication worksheets, area worksheets and much more.

Learn about square numbers worksheets

Our worksheets on square numbers have been created with children in mind; designed by our team of UK teachers, we’ve made sure there’s plenty of fun square number activities, questions and answers and practice tests to keep learning interesting! Our square numbers worksheet content is aligned with the National Curriculum, helping your child to succeed and build their confidence as they progress throughout their academic journey. They’re perfect as an additional learning aid or resource for a homeschooling programme. Keep reading to find out how you can use our square numbers worksheets with your child.

Key stage 2 square number worksheets are where your child comes across simple square numbers. Starting to understand square numbers in year 5, our worksheets start with identifying square numbers, as well as starting to add them together. Your child will also be encouraged to start working backwards, helping them to understand the simple principles of square numbers and their roots.


In our year 5 square numbers worksheets and year 6 square number worksheets, your child will be able to identify whether a number is square by understanding its factor pairs. They will also begin to memorise and consolidate their knowledge of square numbers and be able to fill in the gaps of a sequence of squared numbers.

By the time your child reaches our key stage 3 square number worksheets, they should have a good understanding of what square numbers are and be able to identify them. In our year 7 square number worksheets, your child will learn how to add and subtract square numbers, helping them improve their confidence in answering any square number questions they come across. They will also learn how to square numbers with decimal points.


Our year 8 square numbers worksheet activities and year 9 square numbers worksheets will apply your child’s previous knowledge to square units of measurement, as well as encourage your child to start being able to answer square number mental maths questions. Giving your child all the tools they’ll need in square number assessments and practice tests, our square number worksheet learning resources are here to help your child achieve academic success and beyond!

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