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Our award-winning service raises the standard of student attainment.


over 150% increase in scores when EdPlace is used more than once a week.


1000s of resources in Maths, English and Science. 100% National Curriculum aligned.


All content created and checked by teachers with 5+ years experience.


24/7 access across all devices. Subscriptions from £10 a month.

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How it works

Our service provides an online learning experience that caters to each individual student's needs and learning pace.


Create accounts

You'll have a teacher account and individual student accounts.


Start learning

Each student will have their own login details. EdPlace can be used during tuition sessions with a tutor or independentally at home.


Measure progress

Measure progress and track results through your teacher dashboard. Brilliant!

Why partner with EdPlace?

Save time and money by managing all your students' activities, progress and results in one place.

Save time

Opt to auto-assign topics or custom select based on individual student's need.

More visibility

Track your students' progress and compare results with peers on your teacher dashboard.

Access new customers

We'll promote your business within our tutor directory. Learn more here

Improve grades

Use our assessments to create a personalised learning journey for each student.

Improve engagement

Use our fun badges and rewards to keep our students motivated.

Money-back guarantee

We're confident you'll find EdPlace an effective partner for your tuition business. If you're not happy, we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Worksheets, assessments and revision materials from year 1 to GCSE

Creating new educational content takes time and resources, let us help!

1000s of online tutorials in English, maths and science

With EdPlace you can have confidence we're bringing you the most comprehensive coverage of the topics your students are learning.

Proud to be British

All of our content is 100% aligned to the National Curriculum. We have two teams of teachers (content creators and curriculum checkers) to ensure our content is up-to-date and in line with the curriculum topics.

Top notch teachers

We work with some of the best teachers here in the UK. Every teacher on the EdPlace Teacher Team has 5+ years experience.

Here's what other tutors have to say

    "We've found EdPlace to be absolutely outstanding in all ways, shapes and forms. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. Backed up by a very professional team, we feel very supported by EdPlace and really pleased with the results we see."

  • Matthew Brackenbury, Learning Academies

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