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Area Worksheets

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Our area worksheets cover one of the backbones of maths, helping your child to develop their knowledge and understanding of shapes. Being able to work out the areas of both 2d and 3d shapes are topics that’ll come up repeatedly throughout their school lives, which is why we’ve created a variety of area worksheets, activities and practice questions to help them learn in an engaging way. Our area worksheets start at KS2 level and work their way up to teaching a more complex understanding at KS3 level and beyond - we ensure that topics are introduced gradually to promote a slow but steady build up of knowledge that’ll stick with your child for years to come.

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Our area and perimeter worksheets cover both area and related topics that help your child evolve their knowledge of the subject, helping them throughout their studies. All of our maths worksheets are 100% aligned with the national curriculum to ensure your child gets the breadth and depth of understanding they need to be confident with shapes and area, and designed to be either used as part of a homeschooling program or as extra support outside of the classroom. Check out one of our sample free area worksheets today!

Our Key Stage 2 area worksheets introduce some of the more basic principles of area, and how to calculate the areas of basic shapes. Our year 4 area worksheets start with what the area of a shape actually is, and how to calculate it for some of the most basic shapes. Included is some of our area of a rectangle worksheets, as well as giving a basic understanding of the relation between area and perimeter.


As your child moves on to year 5 area worksheets, they’ll begin to develop their understanding of areas in relation to different shapes. They should learn how to calculate the area of rectangles using squares, how to use metric measurements, and even begin to be able to estimate the area of irregular shapes.


Year 6 area worksheets further explore the relationship between area and perimeter, and the formulae you can use to calculate them. They also introduce new shapes, helping your child to learn through a series of activities about the area of a parallelogram and area of a triangle.

Having explored the basics of area, our Key Stage 3 area worksheets aim to develop your child’s understanding further. Our year 7 area worksheets consolidate their Key Stage 2 knowledge, by which point they should be able to work out the area of most simple 2d shapes. Our year 8 area worksheets move on again, helping your child to work out the area of circles using their radius. They also start teaching the areas of more complex shapes, including trapezia and cuboids.


Our year 9 area worksheets and GCSE area worksheets continue to build on the depth of knowledge your child will learn - the areas of spheres and cylinders are introduced, and your child will begin to learn how to convert between area measurements. At GCSE level, they’ll learn about the area of compound shapes, as well as cones, pyramids and more.

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