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Equivalent Fractions Worksheets

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Being able to find and understand equivalent fractions is an important skill your child will learn as they work through the National Curriculum, school work and maths worksheets they complete. We’ve created equivalent fractions worksheets that span different Key Stages to help your child develop their knowledge of equivalent fractions, from the basic definition to being able to work out equivalent fractions of other fractions - supported by our fractions worksheets, multiplication worksheets and division worksheets. Aligned to the UK National Curriculum, our equivalent fractions worksheets are created by our team of teachers to make sure they cover everything your child needs to understand about equivalent fractions!

Learn about equivalent fractions worksheets

Equivalent fractions are a topic that comes up time and time again throughout the maths curriculum - your child will start to see them in our KS2 maths worksheets, and will continue to use them throughout KS3 maths worksheets and into GCSE! We strive to make learning fun and enjoyable for every learner, which is why we use visual learning materials to demonstrate how equivalent fractions work. From chocolate bars to colourful shaded rectangles, our equivalent fractions worksheets are approachable and fun to complete! Packed with worksheet content, interactive online equivalent fractions activities, practise equivalent fractions questions and more, our resources are ideal for any learner.

Your child will first come across our KS2 equivalent fractions worksheets, focussed on teaching students the basics of equivalent fractions and how they work. Our year 5 equivalent fractions worksheets approach the topic by using your child’s knowledge of tenths, hundredths and thousands as well as converting fractions to show how different fractions can actually be the same! They will also be encouraged to identify common equivalent fraction patterns, as well as start to complete some equivalent fractions for themselves! Year 6 equivalent fractions worksheets build on this knowledge, and show how equivalent fractions can also be used in conjunction with percentage and decimal equivalences.


Key stage 3 equivalent fractions worksheets take your child’s knowledge a step further, helping your child to practise their understanding, as well as teaching them more about how to complete equivalent fractions. Our year 7 equivalent fractions worksheets help your child understand more about how equivalent fractions can be found by multiplying the numerator and denominator. They also give examples of how this works, and allows your child to practise for themselves by completing some of their own equivalent fractions questions. Year 8 equivalent fractions worksheets and year 9 equivalent fractions worksheets aim to help your child review and test their understanding and knowledge of different types of fractions!

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