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KS2 maths worksheets

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As parents, we know transitioning into a new key stage can feel like your child has hit a new milestone, and with it comes new content in KS2 maths to conquer. Ensuring they’re supported as they transition into KS2 maths is key to setting your child up for success. Helping them with a range of KS2 maths activities, problems and interactive learning resources, will help them feel more confident with their Key Stage 2 maths knowledge as a whole! Whether your child is just starting their year 3 maths lessons or coming to the end of their year 6 maths journey, we’re here to help. With our range of activities aligned to the UK KS2 maths National Curriculum, your child will benefit from the fun learning resources that can be used outside of the classroom, or as a useful homeschooling tool to support your own homeschooling lesson plans.

KS2 maths worksheets by year group

How can Key Stage 2 maths worksheets help?


There are endless benefits to giving your child a helping hand when it comes to the KS2 maths curriculum - whether they’re struggling to keep up in school or want to revisit topics in a more relaxed, interactive environment, our Key Stage 2 maths worksheets can help. Our informative, educational content is complimented by visual elements, including drawings, simple charts and bright colours to avoid the classic ‘textbook’ feel and helps to keep learners engaged! 


All of our KS2 maths worksheets are designed by our team of qualified teachers who best understand the importance of creating educational, engaging and fun learning resources.  KS2 maths questions and KS2 maths word problems help your child put their knowledge into practice, and our KS2 maths test resources help benchmark their progress. We’re proud that our online Key Stage 2 maths activities, revision and other resources promote fun learning, achievable goals and inclusive access to the KS2 maths curriculum

Popular KS2 maths activities

Activities for all KS2 maths topics


All of our worksheets for KS2 maths are aligned to the UK National Curriculum and our learning resources cover all of the topics taught in schools. We’ve designed maths worksheets to cover the length and breadth of the UK KS2 maths National Curriculum, ensuring your child stays on track and progresses at a pace that’s right for them. Whatever topics or concepts your child needs to brush up on, we’re here to help. With numbers worksheets to solidify their understanding of the basics, angles worksheets, fractions worksheets, money worksheets and much more. Your child will develop their understanding of KS2 maths topics online in an enjoyable way!

Lesson planning & KS2 maths revision 



Whether you’re a parent wanting to help your child improve their understanding of Key Stage 2 maths, looking for KS2 maths questions to help put their knowledge to the test, or you’re a teacher looking for resources to support lesson planning, our online KS2 maths worksheets and learning resources are the perfect place to start! Used by hundreds of schools and thousands of hard-working parents around the UK, our online Key Stage 2 maths worksheets are the ideal resource for any child.

With KS2 maths activities catering to both upper and lower Key Stage 2, we’re proud to have created an inclusive online learning environment tailored to every learner. For lower Key Stage 2 maths activities, we focus on helping children understand the fundamentals of each topic, supporting worksheet activities with KS2 maths problems and revision resources. In our upper Key Stage 2 maths activities, we focus on developing the understanding of each topic, and include KS2 maths test resources and specialist SATs preparation.

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