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Electricity Worksheets

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Electricity does more than you probably even realise - and is just as important in the science curriculum as it is in everyday life! Electricity worksheets help your child understand and develop their knowledge of electricity, how it`s used and how it works in a variety of different appliances. Created by our talented team of teachers, our electricity worksheets are all aligned with the National Curriculum to ensure your child learns everything they need to in preparation for any exams they might face in the future. Starting in Key Stage 2 and working through Key Stage 3 to GCSE, our electricity worksheets gradually introduce new content to make sure your child doesn’t move on too quickly to new topics.

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With a variety of activities, resources and electricity questions and answers available, your child won’t get bored when they’re working through one of our electricity worksheets. When used in conjunction with our other science worksheets, our electricity worksheets can be used as part of a homeschooling curriculum or for extra support outside of school time. Try one of our sample free electricity worksheets today to see how we can help your child!

Key Stage 2 electricity worksheets start to introduce basic principles of electricity, its usages and some useful information for your child to know. Our range of year 4 electricity worksheets give examples of some of the basic electrical appliances and give your child essential information regarding the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe.


Year 7 electricity worksheets start to teach your child about current and voltage, as well as electrical circuits, the different types and how they work. They should also learn about more electrical hazards. By the time your child reaches our year 8 electricity worksheets, they should have a good foundational knowledge of electricity, appliances and circuits.


GCSE electricity worksheets both consolidate your child’s previous knowledge as well as teach more complex ideas. As well as being able to apply current and charge equations, they should be able to calculate resistance and identify standard circuit symbols.


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