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Temperature Worksheets

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Temperature worksheets can cover a range of different topics throughout the science curriculum. Starting in KS3, our temperature worksheets deal with heat, energy and even biological processes in the human body. The way our temperature worksheets and other science worksheets are developed make them an ideal resource, be it for support outside of the classroom or as a homeschooling resource. Working their way up to GCSE level, our temperature worksheets cover everything your child will need to know for their final exams. 

Learn about temperature worksheets

We work with a team of teachers to ensure that all of our temperature worksheets are completely aligned with the National Curriculum, developing your child`s understanding of the topics. To keep our temperature worksheets fun and interesting to complete, we use a variety of resources including worksheets, activities and questions and answers to keep your child engaged and eager to learn! Try out one of our above sample free temperature worksheets today.

Our Key Stage 3 temperature worksheets teach your child the basic topics that come up within temperature. Our year 8 temperature worksheets talk about heat and temperature in the context of energy and fuels, and also how temperature has an effect on particles.


Our GCSE worksheets focus on both revising the knowledge your child learnt in Key Stage 3, introducing more complex ideas in the context of the human body. Your child should learn how the human body controls body temperature, and be able to analyse the processes as part of answering questions.


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