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Adjectives Worksheets

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Adjectives are a useful, descriptive and often fun element of writing about and referring to the world around us. It’s important for children to learn about their function, when to use them, and how to sprinkle them into writing in a manner that is both relevant and useful. Too many adjectives can be overwhelming, while too few can make written text feel bland, a balance that is discussed more throughout our adjective topic resources. Our English worksheets cover all the important topics your child will need throughout their school career.

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Literacy skills and use of adjectives particularly are an essential part of the growth of your child’s education. Literacy helps our children thrive in almost all areas of life, both throughout their school years and beyond! Using our adjective worksheets, your child can get some extra support, either as a homeschooling resource or as additional help outside of the classroom. Our range of adjectives worksheets have been designed fully in line with the National Curriculum, and are both fun and interesting to complete, so you can be sure your child will take in more knowledge and enjoy themselves at the same time!

Children often already have a basic grasp of using adjectives without realising it. Our year one adjectives worksheets allow them to better understand how adjectives function, and explains how adding -e and -est makes either comparative or superlative use of the adjectives. This helps your child begin to use descriptive and referential use of adjectives - as they may have already been doing. Instead of simply reading the worlds, our year two adjectives worksheets involve writing the basic forms of adjectives, including adding suffixes such as -ly to the end of descriptive words. This unlocks more adjectives that work in the present tense, and it’s a great place to begin unlocking further descriptive language.


Our year four adjectives worksheets involve both reading and writing activities. This involves being able to classify adjectives correctly, transforming adjectives into nouns, and being able to identify the use of adjectives in the grander form. We also discuss and practice increasing vocabulary so that adjectives are always fresh and exciting.


Year six adjective worksheets and onwards is when children should start to write and to make evidenced points in their schoolwork. Our adjective worksheets help curate this ability by teaching and practicing conjunctions to connect sentences together and help them flow more appropriately. This gives your child the chance to make their writing stronger, more readable, and more convincing.

Year seven adjective worksheets continue to focus on revising prior concepts to ensure your child’s knowledge is solidified, as well as beginning to introduce some more complex adjective topics. This involves the classification of adjectives as well as how they can be used to make more convincing writing, particularly in essay contexts. Advanced comparatives and superlatives are also introduced throughout, giving your child the correct framing they need to move into Key Stage 3 with confidence in their literacy output.


Our year 9 adjective worksheets aim to compound all previous knowledge while also integrating it into the contexts and lessons of literacy learned elsewhere to ensure they can use adjectives correctly in conjunction with other aspects of English. With our range of activities, including our adjective comparison worksheets and other resources, your child can make sure they know all of the core knowledge they need to work through school and life beyond!

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