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Reading Worksheets

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Reading worksheets can help your child develop as they start their English academic journey! Whether you’re homeschooling your child or they need some additional support outside of school, our reading worksheets are a great resource to help them as they develop their reading skills. Helping your child learn to read with greater accuracy, improve comprehension or branching out into new types of reading, our reading activities, tests and questions are perfect to complement our other English worksheets.

Learn from our reading worksheets

By improving their skills with our reading worksheets, your child will also be able to better understand other topics. Their reading will be put to the test with our reading comprehension worksheets, grammar worksheets and more! Our reading worksheets start in Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 to help students develop their understanding. All of our reading tests, assessments and other learning resources are designed by our team of UK teachers to be completely in line with the National Curriculum so your child learns everything they need to know about reading. We design our reading worksheet resources to make learning more accessible and enjoyable for everyone; with reading questions and answers, practice reading assessments and interactive reading activities, our reading worksheets are designed to be easy, fun and engaging, plus SEND accessible.

Our Key Stage 1 reading worksheets are designed to help your child develop a solid foundation of reading skills. Our year 1 reading worksheets focus on helping your child to read with accuracy, including reading words aloud to consolidate their developing phonics skills. They should also be able to use the alphabet and sounds to read and understand some more basic words. By our year 2 reading worksheets, your child should start to be able to read and understand some simple rhyming poems, as well as use suffixes to start identifying compound words.


Key Stage 2 reading worksheets aim to improve your child’s overall reading level and encourage them to start reading a wider range of texts - expanding their horizons and helping with their overall comprehension. Our year 3 reading worksheets and year 4 reading worksheets introduce more prefixes and suffixes to expand your child’s vocabulary, investigating more word pronunciations and a broader mix of fiction and non-fiction texts into their reading.


By the time they reach our year 5 reading worksheets and year 6 reading worksheets, your child should feel more confident with their overall reading and their ability to use their skills to start identifying comparisons and differences between texts. Towards the end of Key Stage 2 your child will come across trickier prefixes and suffixes, be able to read and understand more fiction and non-fiction texts, and improve their reading comprehension as a result.

Our Key Stage 3 reading worksheets are also focused on reading activities that solidify your child’s previous reading knowledge, as well as introducing trickier reading topics. Our year 7 reading worksheets test your child with some trickier texts, introducing Shakespeare as well as other new authors. Your child should also be able to further develop their reading skills by improving their ability to scan texts quickly and identify key information.


Alongside our reading revision, our year 8 reading worksheets and year 9 reading worksheets contain reading from more complex texts to help develop your child’s understanding even further. Reading questions and answers, tests and assessments help give your child an idea of what to expect when they start their GCSEs! By the end of Key Stage 3, your child should feel confident in their ability to independently read and understand a variety of texts, as well as be able to answer questions about what they’ve read.

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