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Phonics Worksheets

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Our phonics worksheets help your child cover what is arguably one of the most important topics in their early school life, teaching your child how to read and write using the alphabet and sounds. By creating a connection between groups of letters and how they sound in spoken language, your child should be able to develop their reading and writing skills. We know how difficult it can be to keep your child interested and engaged when working; that’s why we’ve created our range of phonics activities, worksheets and other resources to be fun and informative, all whilst staying 100% aligned to the National Curriculum. Our phonics phases worksheets are important for any child, so take a look below at our range of activities to see if they suit your child.

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Working with our talented team of teachers, we’re confident that our phonics worksheets will help your child build a level of good foundational knowledge to assist them as they take on more challenging English worksheets or school work. Whether you’re looking for a homeschooling resource or something to help your child outside of the classroom, our phonics worksheets and activity sheets are the perfect thing to help your child develop their phonics skills. Starting in year 1, our phonics worksheets and alphabet worksheets cover all aspects of this essential skill, including blending sounds, knowing alphabetical order and all other aspects of phonological and grapheme awareness. Whether you need phase 4 phonics worksheets, phase 5 phonics worksheets or phase 6 phonics worksheets, try one of our sample free phonics worksheets above, printable and in PDF format, and see how we can help today!

Our Key Stage 1 phonics worksheets aim to give your child the building block they’ll need to learn about phonics at a higher level. In our year 1 phonics worksheets, your child will focus on the developing their understanding of the basic elements that make up phonics - knowing alphabetical order, understanding the difference between vowels and consonants and starting to learn about different letters, their sounds and blending some basic sounds. These phase 4 phonics worksheets and phase 5 phonics worksheets investigate sounds like “ea”, “ou”, “ow”, “le” and many more.


Throughout our year 2 phonics worksheets, your child will further develop their understanding of sounds and the alphabet. As well as investigating more sounds, they’ll be introduced to long and short vowel sounds, and consolidate their knowledge of year 1 through phonics revision and other phase 6 phonics worksheets.


By the time your child starts to work through our Key Stage 2 phonics worksheets, they should have a good understanding of the alphabet, its order and some of the basic sounds that are associated with different groups of letters. Our year 3 phonics worksheets help your child consolidate your child’s knowledge of alphabetical order by using dictionaries, asking them to quickly look up words based on their alphabetical order.


Year 4 phonics worksheets both help your child revise their previous knowledge, and introduces more questions to help develop their understanding further. Alternative pronunciations of the same letter strings, close spelling variations and other phonics revision activities in this section should help your child round off their understanding of phonics and help them progress through the curriculum.

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