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Verbs Worksheets

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Whether you notice them or not, verbs are used constantly throughout everyday language. Verbs can be used to describe actions, states and more - they are also colloquially known as ‘doing words’. The fact that they appear so frequently throughout education and everyday life makes them an incredibly important skill for your child to learn. All of our verb worksheets are 100% aligned to the National Curriculum and should not only help your child gain an understanding of what they are and how they work, but improve the quality of their written and spoken communication altogether. Used alongside our other English worksheets, our verb worksheets can support your child in their time outside of school if they need a little extra help, or as a completely independent homeschooling resource.

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We know how difficult it can be to keep your child engaged and interested in learning, which is why we’ve made sure our verb worksheets are fun, interactive and help your child develop their knowledge and understanding at a natural pace. Our verbs worksheets span the entire length of the Curriculum; starting in Key Stage 1 and working all the way through to Key Stage 3. If you’re still not sure, try out one of our sample free verb worksheets above!

Key Stage 1 verb worksheets start with the basics before working up to more difficult concepts and examples. Year 1 verb worksheets explore adding -ing and -ed to verbs and being able to identify verbs in sentences.


Year 2 verb worksheets should teach your child how to use irregular verbs and in the past tense, and continue working on being able to identify verbs in sentences. Some simple verbs are introduced at a slightly deeper level, including ‘am, ‘is’ and ‘are’. Grouping verbs by word meaning is another topic that gets introduced at this level.


Key Stage 2 verb worksheets progress your child’s understanding, including an introduction to suffixes, prefixes and an understanding of the different types of verbs and their usages. Year 4 verb worksheets help your child gain an awareness of verbs used in different tenses, and how to use them to enhance pieces of descriptive writing.


Lots of work happens throughout our year 5 verb worksheets! Amongst others, your child will be introduced to dis-, mis-, over- and de- verb prefixes, helping your child to elevate their usage of verbs. They should also start to revise verb endings, and start to understand modal verbs. Year 6 verb worksheets prioritise understanding subject-verb agreement and continue using verbs in different contexts. By the time your child reaches year 9 verb worksheets, they will mainly focus on revising the active and passive forms of verbs, as well as their function in different situations.

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