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Chemistry Worksheets

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Chemistry is generally known as the study of matter and the change of states, and our chemistry worksheets do their best to teach your child in an easily accessible manner. The study and observation of chemical reactions between particular substances as well as the composition, structure, and properties of matter are also covered in our chemistry revision, best used in addition with our other science worksheets. ‘Matter’ refers to anything on the planet and in the universe as a whole that has mass. While it’s just one branch of science, chemistry is typically seen as the ‘central science’ due to its ability to work together with other natural sciences.

Learn about chemistry worksheets

For your child, using our chemistry worksheets with answers to help develop their understanding of the world around them allows them to further understand the universe and the important topics they’ll need to support their learning in school. Every aspect of life contains chemistry in some form, so it’s good to understand the reasons behind existence and the variable nature of it.


The chemistry worksheets we’ve designed will allow students to fully grasp the most important topics they’ll need to support their learning. In these worksheets, you’ll get easily digestible notes on many chemistry topics as well as test papers and practice questions with answers. Our chemistry worksheets aim to provide students with important insight while challenging them in areas that might require more independent thought.

We cover the chemistry syllabus from year 1 all the way through to year 9. Our year 1 chemistry worksheets help your child to learn about everyday materials and how to compare them with each other. They’ll also learn about objects and materials on the earth as well as the physical properties of everyday material. Our year 2 chemistry worksheets build on this knowledge, as well as teaching new topics about altering shapes of solid objects and their suitability for different purposes.


Progressing into our year 3 chemistry worksheets, students start to learn about the different kinds of rocks that make up the world as well as different fossils and soils. Year 5 students start to work on properties of materials as they compare and group them, as well as starting to learn about dissolving and solutions. Reversible and non-reversible changes make up the rest of our year 5 chemistry worksheets, all designed to be easily digestible and fun to complete.

With our year 7 chemistry worksheets, students will start to learn about acids and alkalis and neutralisation reactions. The composition of the atmosphere is also touched on, and they’ll learn more formulae and equations to help identify pure substances. Atoms, elements, and compounds are studied in this section, along with the carbon cycle and a more in depth look at the composition of the atmosphere - these topics are also explored in greater detail as your child progresses into our year 8 chemistry worksheets.


Finally, we’ve designed year 9 chemistry worksheets around ceramics, polymers, and composites, as well as about the changes of state and the particle model. Exothermic and endothermic reactions are explored, and your child will also learn about a few more advanced formulae and equations, all of which should be useful when it comes to supporting their classroom learning.


We look to slowly and gradually increase the difficulties throughout our chemistry worksheet selection so that students can grasp things at a very natural, gradual, and progressive rate. They’ll be able to get to grips with every topic using our chemistry worksheets, either as an independent learning aid or classroom supplement.

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