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Adverbs Worksheets

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Adverbs worksheets help to teach your child about this very important aspect of English. You’ll hear adverbs everywhere you go; so it’s especially important to start learning as early as possible! Being able to identify and use adverbs can also help with some of our other worksheets - both our reading comprehension worksheets and writing worksheets are benefitted from a good understanding of adverbs. We ensure that every single one of our English worksheets is 100% in line with the National Curriculum so that your child learns everything they need to. By introducing topics gradually throughout our adverbs worksheets, your child can learn and internalise the knowledge they learn before moving on to more complex topics.

Learn about adverbs worksheets

Adverbs help to describe or modify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs. Being able to use them correctly can help your child greatly expand their communication skills, both in speaking and writing. Our adverb worksheets contain a range of different activities, including practice questions and answers to test your child on their knowledge. All of our worksheets can be used for either homeschooling, or in addition to your child’s schoolwork. We make sure our activities are fun and interesting to complete to help motivate your child - test out one of our free adverb worksheets and find out how we can help you!

Key Stage 2 adverbs worksheets teach your child the basics of adverbs and how they work. Our year 4 adverbs worksheets will explain what adverbs are and how you can identify them in a sentence. Year 5 adverb worksheets help your child use adverbs to show degrees of possibility within their language.


Our year 6 adverbs worksheets help your child to understand and use connecting adverbs to increase the complexity of their sentences.

Key Stage 3 adverbs worksheets are primarily focused on consolidating the knowledge your child has learnt throughout the previous worksheets. Both our year 7 adverbs worksheets and year 9 adverbs worksheets will guide your child through revising both the different types of adverbs, and their function within the English language.

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