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Sentence Structure Worksheets

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Literacy is an essential skill for all children as they grow and develop, an important part of which is sentence structure. Our range of sentence structure worksheets can help your child to express themselves through the written word, for a range of personal and professional reasons as they get older. It’s also one of the fundamental aspects of being able to communicate effectively in many other subjects; learning grammatical functions gives children the ability to read more readily, to divulge meaning from a text, and to better communicate with others.

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Helping to improve the quality of their written English is useful for almost everything, as literacy and sentence structure is a skill that will stay with them for the rest of your child’s life. In line with the national curriculum, we’ve curated some of the best extra-curricular sentence structure worksheets to help your child solidify their knowledge. Our English worksheet exercises are designed to be entertaining to complete, and have the ability to supplement a child’s learning in school.

Our year one sentence structure activities involve learning how to read and write in simple sentences. They introduce blocks of text which allow us to better understand information. This is also the grounding principle to help teach your child good punctuation, something that is important to introduce early on. Phrases and clauses are taught throughout our year 4 sentence structure worksheets, as well as ‘if’ sentences where the outcome is dependent on a range of preceding or accompanying information. This can help your child begin to write in terms of theory, giving them the ability to make arguments, propose ideas, and express two sides of a point. These are the building blocks of sophisticated writing which your child will have to use throughout their school years.


Our year 5 sentence structure worksheets introduce commas and subordinate clauses, allowing your child to better use conjunctions in order to give more information in a particular sentence. More advanced uses of punctuation are taught too, such as colons, hyphens and others. This allows your child to better express themselves when completing schoolwork, such as a book report, as they`ll be able to more densely pack information into the points that they make. This is also a fantastic place for creative writing to start developing.


Our year 6 sentence structure worksheets allow for better writing that helps manipulate the reader in order to better understand a point being made. Questions, rhetorical devices, passive and active voice all help to provide better context, more appropriate framing, and makes for more convincing writing. Our sentence structure worksheets cover all of this and more to ensure your child is understanding and practicing the key points of sentence structure as they develop their skills.

Moving into key stage three sentence structure topics, our worksheets begin to help your child create variety in their writing. From using varied sentences for effect, discussing topics at length, making sure prose is readable and efficient at getting points across, as well as using compound sentences and clauses to add meaning to their writing. Our year 7 sentence structure worksheets can help your child to start writing essays and other longer pieces of writing.


Our year 8 sentence structure worksheets allow for the revision of terminology, understanding why sentence structure works the way it does, and how to best use it in everyday life to different effects. This acts as a great way to build on old knowledge, and prepares students for more advanced study as they near their GCSEs.

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