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Physics Worksheets

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Our physics worksheets cover the study of matter and the motion through space and time, and the idea and understanding of the laws of nature and how everything moves/behaves. It’s an interesting topic and one that can explore so many different facets within the universe we inhabit. Physics tries to use scientific methods to understand the principles regarding light and matter, and tries to discover the implications of those laws. As a student, it can be very interesting to figure out how and why certain behaviours occur in the universe, and this understanding helps build on knowledge of how the universe may behave in the future.

Learn about physics worksheets

For children looking to study different physics topics, their enthusiasm could lead to many different opportunities, as well as just extra support for their schoolwork. Physics is typically linked to many different areas of advanced mathematics, and can also lead to work in fields such as astrophysics and many different technological and engineering careers.


With our science worksheets, you’ll receive plenty of activities and revision resources at many different levels, all the way up to GCSE. These have been designed to help your child gain a fantastic understanding of the subject whilst allowing them to independently work through topics that they might have struggled with or need extra support with. Practice questions with answers are included so that the students can understand the sort of questions that might appear in exams; we even have genuine mock examinations with our specially made physics test papers. We have physics worksheets with answers covering year 1 through to year 9:

Students using our year 1 physics worksheets should start to learn about the changes in the four seasons and will progress to learn about changes in shadows, forces, and magnets as they move through the next few years of their education, all the way to our year 3 physics worksheets. They’ll also be able to understand the difference between light and dark.


Students using our year 4 physics worksheets should start to understand common electrical appliances and how they work, including conductors, insulators and others. Heating and cooling is also a fun topic to learn, as well as the way in which sounds travel through the air. Students have a selection of year 5 physics worksheets relating to earth’s rotation and what’s going on during both day and night. Gravity is also taught at this stage, as well as the physics of levers, pulleys, gears, and other mechanisms. The final topic at this level surrounds the movement of earth and the surrounding planets. Circuit diagrams and symbols are covered in our year 6 physics revision resources as well as energy within circuits. They’ll also get to learn about how light travels and different shadow shapes.

Our year 7 physics worksheets surround balanced forces, the calculation of fuel uses and costs, current electricity, and describing motion. As your child progresses with our year 8 physics worksheets and year 9 physics revision, they’ll also learn about the calculation of fuel and motion, but at a higher level and in more depth than before. Energy changes and transfers, and light waves are the next two major topics your child needs to know in this age group.

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