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Year 7 Physics Worksheets

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For students starting their first year of secondary school, it can often be an overwhelming experience with so many subjects to learn about. With our year 7 physics worksheets, learning can be a fun and exciting aid to help your child learn all about the basics of physics. Physics is a much-needed core subject that can come in handy with a lot of things later in life, as well as being a potential career choice further down the line. Physics in the classroom can be a fun and interactive experience, and we think it’s important that our physics worksheets do the same.

Learn about year 7 physics

Our year 7 science worksheets provide students with the extra bit of work that might be needed to fill in the gaps in their knowledge when it comes to physics. A lot can get missed when learning in the classroom, so it’s good to have another opportunity to further solidify their knowledge. Our year 7 physics revision resources can give them a better understanding of the topics that they cover in school. It can be hard for teachers at school to give each student their time, and so these year 7 physics worksheets can help ensure your child is getting all the relevant knowledge needed to progress in their physics lessons and tests.

We have a variety of year 7 physics worksheets available that cover a range of topics from the official year 7 physics curriculum. The first is the balanced forces section and friction. These year 7 physics question resources allow your child to understand friction and how this can affect our daily lives - with the use of helpful examples, they’ll have the ability to apply the knowledge that they’ve learned to scenarios they’re given in the classroom. These year 7 physics test papers with answers and other resources will give them other examples of how this force is used so that it becomes more familiar to them, and helps them in their lessons.

After your child has learned more about balanced forces, we have a calculation of fuel uses and costs section which covers electricity and, in particular, where it comes from as well as how it’s delivered to power stations. It explores how electricity is generated and how different fuels are used. The current electricity section has worksheets to cover many elements of electricity and how it’s created. From circuit diagrams to electrical circuits, our worksheets aim to provide relevant knowledge that can be helpful in how this source of energy is used in daily life.


Our range of year 7 physics worksheets have been created to help students remind themselves of what they’ve learned in the classroom. Staying attentive at school can sometimes be difficult, so our worksheets can help fill in the blanks in an easily digestible manner.

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