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Year 9 Physics Worksheets

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Our year 9 physics worksheets offer more than just a little extra support for your child - learning the building blocks of physics is also important when your child is beginning to prepare for their GCSEs. Our year 9 physics revision worksheets are easy to understand and are laid out to make the content more digestible for your child. They’re the extra bit of learning that your child may need that they don’t always get when they’re in the classroom. With a lot of children, it’s important to read over what they learn more than once so that it solidifies in their memory quicker.

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Learn about year 9 physics

With our year 9 science worksheets, physics becomes a more understandable topic of study that students can do in their own free time for extra revision that should help them progress more easily in school. The year 9 physics syllabus is cram-packed with information, and sometimes it’s difficult for teachers to get all this information out and digested by the students in just a few lessons.

With our handy speed worksheets in the describing forces section, your child should understand speed and how it’s determined when it comes to an object. Through the use of helpful examples, they’ll be able to apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios to become familiar with how the relevant formulas are used.


In the forces section, the two main physics worksheet topics are gravity and satellites in orbit. Gravity helps students explore the forces that keep their feet firmly on the ground, and our satellites in orbit worksheets provide your child with the knowledge they need about the planets around us and how the Earth orbits the sun.

The motion and forces section has plenty to offer too. With balanced and unbalanced forces, students can learn about how forces can affect speed which can help combine with the describing forces section and applying their knowledge elsewhere in physics. In our forces & velocity worksheets, students look at speed and the effects that forces have on speed itself. Although these are standalone topics which provide a lot of useful information, they also combine together to explain how gravity and satellites in orbit work together. So whether your student needs year 9 physics questions and answers or revision materials for their next test, these worksheets can provide all the helpful information and support they need.


Your child will learn plenty at school, but when it comes to juggling all the other lessons and knowledge, there may be some gaps in their memory. It’s helpful to continue providing them all the extras they need, and our worksheets can provide that support when it comes to year 9 physics revision.

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