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Spelling Worksheets

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Spelling worksheets are a useful aid to help your child develop their knowledge and understanding of this essential skill; spelling not only crops up throughout the entire English curriculum, but will be relevant to them for the rest of their lives. Good spelling will allow your child to effectively communicate with other people and assist them in both their educational and professional lives, so it’s important to get it right! Our spelling worksheets range from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 and are all 100% aligned with the National Curriculum, making sure your child covers everything they need to know as they progress through our range of spelling activities.

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Filled with a range of different resources including spelling questions and answers, practice spelling tests, visual aids and much more, our spelling worksheets are the perfect thing to help develop your child’s ability, be it as an independent homeschooling resource or as an extra-curricular boost. We’ve worked with a range of UK teachers to ensure our spelling worksheets are not only holistic in their approach, but fun, engaging and actually enjoyable to complete. Encapsulating grammar worksheets, alphabet worksheets and a whole other range of English worksheets, try a selection of our free spelling worksheets to see if they’re a good fit for you and your child.

The main aim of our Key Stage 1 spelling worksheets is to introduce the foundations of spelling, and teach your child some of the most common rules and exceptions. Our year 1 spelling worksheets and year 2 spelling worksheets cover common consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs, split digraphs and trigraphs, and some common tricky words. Your child should be taught how to identify some common spelling patterns, how to spell words ending in some more difficult letter combinations and test their knowledge with a range of fun spelling activities.


Key Stage 2 spelling worksheets help your child to consolidate their previous knowledge, and introduce some new concepts and aspects of spelling. Year 3 spelling worksheets will cover some more common difficult words, and introduce the idea of ‘word families’. Spelling words beginning with ‘C’ and ‘K’ are covered in our year 4 spelling worksheets, alongside spelling words with ‘ck’ and two syllable words containing adjacent consonants. Year 5 spelling worksheets begin to investigate spelling words with silent letters, improving your child’s dictionary skills and knowing the ‘i before e’ rule. Year 6 spelling worksheets give your child some tricks for spelling tricky words, encourage them to use a range of different suffixes, and use knowledge of etymology and morphology to help spell words.


By the time your child reaches Key Stage 3 spelling worksheets, they should have a good understanding of spelling rules, and how to spell most of the common tricky words that crop up in the English language. Our year 7 spelling worksheets help your child to avoid more common spelling errors, and revise their understanding of some of their previous knowledge.


Year 8 spelling worksheets focus heavily on revising commonly misspelt words to try and iron out common mistakes, and our year 9 spelling worksheets revise more difficult spelling rules, how to spell mathematical terms and common geographical terms. Using a range of spelling activities and spelling tests, your child should feel confident in their ability to spell a variety of common and more difficult words independently.

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