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Punctuation Worksheets

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Punctuation worksheets are a great place to start if you’re looking for some extra resources to help your child gain a better understanding of this important topic. Alongside our grammar worksheets and sentence structure worksheets, punctuation is one of the most important skills to improve your child’s reading and writing ability. Starting in Key Stage 1 and progressing all the way into Key Stage 3, our punctuation worksheets can give a helping hand every step of the way to help your child improve and gain more confidence in their reading and writing abilities.

Learn about punctuation worksheets

Designed in line with the National Curriculum, our punctuation worksheets with answers, practice questions and other resources help your child recap and practice their previous knowledge, and introduce new ideas to help them progress further. Our worksheets don’t only have to be used as an extracurricular activity either! They’re also suitable to be used as a homeschooling resource, so whatever your situation, our English worksheets could be perfect for you.

Key Stage 1 punctuation worksheets introduce the most basic aspects of the topic, and help your child start to familiarise themselves with the usages of punctuation. Our year 1 punctuation worksheets focus on using capital letters for people’s names and place names. When your child moves on to our year 2 punctuation worksheets, they’ll start to learn how to use basic punctuation in sentences including apostrophes. They should also know how to understand the difference between statements and questions, and how different punctuation is used in each case. Your child will also revise their knowledge of capital letters and basic sentence punctuation.


Key Stage 2 punctuation worksheets build upon previous knowledge your child has learnt, and introduces new types of sentences to punctuate. Year 3 punctuation worksheets help your child to use speech marks correctly, which in turn should help them to punctuate direct speech accurately. Using punctuation in speech and using apostrophes to mark possession is the main thing focused on in our year 4 punctuation worksheets.


By the time your child moves onto our year 5 punctuation worksheets and year 6 punctuation worksheets, they should start to be able to use more complex punctuation in more complex types of sentences. For example, they should understand how to use commas in subordinate clauses, and use brackets and dashes accurately for parenthesis. They should also be able to mark independent clauses, and use both bullet points and colons correctly.

Our Key Stage 3 punctuation worksheets round off all of your child’s previous knowledge with a more complex knowledge of punctuation and how it’s used in a lot of different scenarios. Our year 7 punctuation worksheets makes sure your child’s knowledge of colons, semi-colons and brackets is complete. Year 9 punctuation worksheets are focused on consolidating all of your child’s knowledge, including apostrophes and making sure they’re able to independently correct common punctuation errors. By the time they’re done, your child should be able to tackle any punctuation questions that come their way!

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