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Preposition Worksheets

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Prepositions are an integral part of communication, be it writing or speaking to other people. Our preposition worksheets help your child to develop their communication skills, and help them through the rest of their English studies - being able to identify and understand prepositions can help with writing worksheets and reading comprehension worksheets. With our talented team of teachers, we’ve produced a range of preposition worksheets with a variety of fun and interesting activities for your child to complete without getting bored! Our preposition worksheets contain activities, practice questions and answers and much more to help your child get a good understanding of prepositions and how to use them.

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Prepositions help to express where someone is, or where something is with regards to something else - words like these are used in conversations every single day, which is why it’s important to be able to identify them and use them correctly! All of our English worksheets are designed to be in line with the National Curriculum so they can be used as an independent homeschooling resource or as additional work outside of school. Try out one of our sample free preposition worksheets above today!

Our Key Stage 2 preposition worksheets primarily focus on introducing prepositions, and teaching your child about how to identify them and use them. Our year 4 preposition worksheets help your child to learn all about prepositions in different situations.



Our Key Stage 3 preposition worksheets develop your child’s knowledge, and help them to revise what they already know in greater detail. Our year 7 preposition worksheets consolidate your child’s knowledge, mainly focusing on going over previous topics.

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