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Sentence Structure: Creating Variety in Your Writing

In this worksheet, students consider ways of adding variety to the structure of their written work.

'Sentence Structure: Creating Variety in Your Writing' worksheet

Key stage:  KS 3

Curriculum topic:   Writing

Curriculum subtopic:   Use Growing Knowledge to Support Writing

Difficulty level:  

Worksheet Overview



It is important to vary the structure of your written work to make it more interesting. Here are three ways that you can do it:


1) Use a mixture of simple, compound and complex sentences.

for example:

It was raining. (simple)

It was raining but he didn't mind. (compound)

He went outside although it was raining. (complex)


2) Use a wide range of connectives to join and link your sentences.

for example:

however, although, additionally, whereas, so, but, if


3) Add meaning, depth and detail to your sentences through your choice of vocabulary and word classes.

for example:

Reluctantly, he got out his umbrella and approached the rainy street.


In this worksheet you can read some extracts from students' work and use the above information to decide what their targets for improvement could be.

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