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Geometry Worksheets

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As your child journeys through the maths curriculum, they’ll quickly come across geometry. Geometry as a concept has lots of strands but focuses on the study of shapes and other objects, including angles, area and perimeter, volume and transformation of objects - among many other properties. Geometry is found all the way through the curriculum, with our shape worksheets, angle worksheets and area worksheets covering many aspects that will be important for your child as they progress through Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3.

Learn about geometry worksheets

Whether you’d like to support your child outside of the classroom or you’re looking for geometry questions and activities for your homeschooling journey, our geometry worksheets are here to help. Designed to make learning more accessible and enjoyable, all of our geometry worksheets are aligned to the National Curriculum and created by our team of qualified UK teachers. By including geometry questions and answers, practice geometry tests and assessments as well as a number of interactive geometry activities, we can help keep your child engaged as they work their way through the topic. In addition to the rest of our maths worksheets, our geometry worksheets can help your child revise in preparation for their GCSE exams.

Key Stage 1 geometry worksheets teach your child the basics of geometry, and should give them a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon as they come across harder topics in the future. Our year 1 geometry worksheets introduce your child to basic 2D shapes, and encourages them to count the amount of shapes, sides on each shape, and starts to help your child identify different simple shapes. Our year 2 geometry worksheets should help your child be able to independently name basic 2D shapes and place shapes in order according to different properties. They will also be introduced to basic 3D shapes, learn some of the most basic shapes and learn about faces, edges and corners.


By Key Stage 2, your child should have a good understanding of basic 2D shapes, and should be starting to feel more comfortable with some 3D shapes. Year 3 geometry worksheets and year 4 geometry worksheets help your child to make distinctions between 2D and 3D shapes, counting right angles in 2D shapes, and start to compare the different types of triangles and quadrilaterals.


Our year 5 geometry worksheets should help your child develop a better understanding of the trickier elements of geometry; they should start to be able to plot points on axes to make shapes, understand rotations of 90 degrees, estimate and calculate missing angles in shapes and learn about parallel lines in relation to angles. Our year 6 geometry worksheets should help your child consolidate their knowledge of 2D, 3D and irregular shapes, as well as help them feel more confident when calculating angles independently. At the end of our Key Stage 2, your child will also have the chance to try out some exam-style geometry questions, helping them to test their knowledge and identify areas where they might need some more practice!

Our Key Stage 3 geometry worksheets help your child with a mixture of both new content and geometry revision to ensure they have a strong understanding of what they’ve learnt in previous years before moving on to more complex topics. Our year 7 geometry worksheets introduce finding the area of compound 2D shapes, and gives your child another opportunity to review the formulas they’ve learnt in previous worksheets.


Our year 8 geometry worksheets introduce the topics they’ll need to know in preparation for GCSE; finding the area of shaded circular rings, finding the areas of circles using their radiuses and even calculating the density, mass and volume of shapes are all taught at this level. Year 9 geometry worksheets focus on ensuring your child has a strong independent understanding of different types of geometry, as well as introducing the last few topics they’ll need as they approach their GCSE tests. Including some geometry tests, questions and answers and worksheet activities, our year 9 geometry worksheets can help your child round off their overall knowledge of geometry.


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