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Estimation Worksheets

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As your child approaches some of the trickier topics throughout the maths curriculum, they’ll find having an understanding of estimation more and more useful. Being able to estimate is a great way of improving mental maths ability and can be useful across a large section of our maths worksheets. Our estimation worksheets should give your child the ability to check how reasonable their answers sound, more easily choose from a set of possible answers, and even help them in later life to make sure they’re not being overcharged in a shop! Our estimation worksheets can also help your child make easy work of our maths curriculum topics, including our shape worksheets, numbers worksheets, money worksheets, rounding worksheets and many more.

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It’s important to us that we keep learning easy and fun for every child, which is why we’ve included a wide range of estimation activities in our worksheets; from estimation questions and answers, interactive estimation worksheet content and practice estimation tests and assessments. Designed by our amazing team of UK teachers, all of our estimation worksheets are completely aligned with the National Curriculum and are regularly updated to include new content! Our estimating worksheets are the ideal learning resource for children who need a little extra help outside of their school learning, or for children who are homeschooling.

Estimating is introduced in Key Stage 1, giving your child a chance to learn the basics. Our Key Stage 1 estimation worksheets start with basic numbers and concepts to help your child learn in an accessible way. Our year 2 estimation worksheets help your child to read numbers and estimate what number an arrow is pointing to on a number scale, providing an approachable introduction to estimating.


Key Stage 2 estimation worksheets build on the previous topics your child learnt in Key Stage 1. Our year 3 estimation worksheets and year 4 estimation worksheets implement the basics of estimating into addition, and introduce the idea of estimating time and the gaps between times to give your child examples of how estimation can be used in life.


Our year 5 estimation worksheets introduce rounding, one of the fundamental aspects of estimating. Your child should start to learn how to round numbers to one decimal place, and to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. They will also begin to estimate the area of irregular shapes and angles in shapes. Year 6 estimation worksheets introduce adding decimals and being able to estimate the answer, and consolidates on your child’s previous knowledge with a number of estimating activities and revision resources.

Our Key Stage 3 estimation worksheets help your child tackle trickier topics as they progress. Our year 7 estimation worksheets give your child a chance to develop their understanding by putting what they’ve learnt into practice; give our year 7 maths worksheets a go to get started.


By the time your child reaches our year 8 estimation worksheets, they will start to learn how to estimate the square and cube roots of numbers, as well as have more opportunities to try exam-style estimation questions to help them test their knowledge. Year 9 estimation worksheets will approach the concepts of upper and lower bounds, as well as further revising topics learnt in previous years.

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