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Rounding Worksheets

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Being able to round numbers is an important skill that your child will put to use throughout their education. Rounding worksheets are a great way to improve your child’s understanding of how to round, its different uses, and how to use it to help solve problems. Rounding numbers can help to make rough calculations easier; by changing a complicated number to a similar but more easily understandable and expressible number, you can make quicker approximations which can help to estimate the answer to a problem much more easily. How much you can round a number depends on how big the number is, and how accurate you want your answer to be. Our rounding numbers worksheets can make other topics in maths a lot easier too - addition worksheets, subtraction worksheets, multiplication worksheets and more all become easier if you can round!

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Our rounding worksheets alongside the rest of our maths worksheets are perfect to help support your child outside of the classroom or as part of your own homeschooling programme, giving your child a round knowledge base of everything they need to know. Our rounding numbers worksheets are all designed by our team of UK teachers and aligned completely with the National Curriculum to make sure your child knows everything they need to know! Starting in Key Stage 2 and supporting all the way throughout Key Stage 3, our estimating and rounding worksheets and other resources are great when used in conjunction with our other activities, including our science worksheets and English worksheets.

Our Key Stage 2 rounding worksheets give a good introduction to rounding and estimation; starting with the basics and working up to a more complex level, our estimating and rounding worksheets gradually introduce new ideas to support your child’s learning. Year 5 rounding worksheets will begin to teach your child how to round to one decimal place, and how to round numbers to the nearest 100 and 1000.


Year 6 rounding worksheets continue to help your child to more confidently round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. Once they’re confident in that skill, they can move on to rounding numbers to the nearest 10,000, as well as revising their knowledge of rounding to different amounts of decimal places. Using this knowledge, they should also start to be able to estimate the answers of various problems they’ll come up against.


As well as introducing a couple more ideas and topics, Key Stage 3 rounding numbers worksheets focus mainly on consolidation and revision of your child’s previous knowledge, as well as helping them to apply that to a variety of different problems. Year 7 rounding worksheets will teach your child how to check the order of magnitude by rounding, and our year 9 rounding worksheets introduce rounding to 1, 2 and 3 significant figures.

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