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Shape Worksheets

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Different types of 2d shapes and 3d shapes make appearances all the way throughout the maths curriculum; with our carefully designed range of shape worksheets, you can give your child all the tools they need to master this important topic! Our shapes worksheets cover everything your child could need to know surrounding shapes, all the way from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3. Our shape worksheets can help your child learn about the basic anatomy of shapes, and help them work their way up to finding the areas of more complex shapes - our shapes activities have been designed to completely align with the National Curriculum to help your child learn everything they need to know. When used alongside our maths worksheets and other resources, our shapes worksheets can completely support your child’s journey throughout school or homeschooling journey.

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Working with our team of talented teachers, we’ve made sure that all of our 2d and 3d shape worksheets make your child want to learn - containing a wide range of engaging resources, activities and practice questions, we’re confident that we can help and support your child. With the basics of 2d shape worksheets including counting the amount of sides and different types of shapes in early years, to more in depth knowledge, our shapes worksheets, division worksheets and area worksheets cover every aspect of shapes your child will need to know! You can even try one of our free printable shape worksheets to see how we can make a difference to your child`s learning.

Our Key Stage 1 shape worksheets aim to introduce the most basic aspects of shapes in order to give your child a baseline of knowledge that they’ll build them as they progress to harder concepts. Our year 1 shape worksheets introduce the topic, and teach your child some basic shapes and how to identify them. Helping them to understand what different shapes look like, our shapes worksheets will steadily give your child a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon! Year 2 shape worksheets help your child to name and spell basic shapes, link shapes to names, introduce line symmetry and the basics of faces, edges and corners of 3d shapes.


Key Stage 2 shape worksheets develop your child’s knowledge of shapes further, whilst consolidating their knowledge from Key Stage 1. Year 3 shape worksheets help your child to identify what a 2d shape and 3d shape actually is, teach them to be able to name more 3d shapes, and help them to start counting right angles in 2d shapes. Year 4 shape worksheets introduce naming and comparing the different types of triangles, finding lines of symmetry, and identifying quadrilaterals. Angle multiples of 90 degrees, identifying cuboid nets, understanding rectangles and working through some shape problems make up our year 5 shape worksheets. To finish Key Stage 2, our year 6 shape worksheets start to teach your child how to calculate the area of parallelograms, rectangles and triangles, and the formulae for calculating volume of 3d shapes.


Our range of Key Stage 3 shape worksheets start to introduce the more complex ideas surrounding shapes - our year 7 shape worksheets should teach your child how to calculate the area of compound shapes. Year 8 shape worksheets focus on the volume of cuboids, prisms and cylinders, finding the circumference of circles using their radius, and the area of more complex shapes including circular rings. Your child will deepen their understanding as they progress further into our selection of shape worksheets.


By the time your child reaches year 9 shape worksheets they should have a good knowledge of 2d and 3d shapes, how to identify them, and the differences between them - as well as common formulas to work out area and volume. They’ll finish off by learning how to classify quadrilaterals, find the area of circles by using their diameter and be introduced to Pythagoras’ theorem to investigate triangles.

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