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Angles Worksheets

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Your child will come up against angles very early on in their mathematical journey, but this is a challenge to be relished, not feared! With our specially devised angles worksheets, practice tests and helpful tips and tricks, your child will be able to get a handle on this tricky topic. Learning about common angles, being able to identify different angles and being able to calculate angles in shapes are all covered in our angle worksheets, so you don’t need to worry about your child not covering everything they need to know with our maths worksheets.

Learn about angles worksheets

All of our angles questions and other resources are developed by a team of teachers to ensure they’re completely aligned with the National Curriculum, ideal to be used as either a supplementary resource with a traditional school education, or as a homeschooling resource for parents. Our angle worksheets start in Key Stage 1 and help your child all the way through Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 to the point where they should feel confident in their knowledge and practical skills with all aspects of angles. Angle questions crop up in lots of different places, so their knowledge will also be able to support them through shape worksheets and many other topics. With a range of fun and engaging angle activities available, try one of our sample free angle worksheets today and see if we can help your child.

KS1 angle worksheets introduce the fundamentals of angles and walk your child through the basic elements they should know. Year 1 angle worksheets teaches your child what angles actually are, and starts to introduce the most common angles.


KS2 angle worksheets start to develop your child’s understanding of angles further. Our year 3 angle worksheets and year 4 angle worksheets start to teach your child about basic angles in shapes, including right angles in 2d shapes, as well as help them begin to identify whether angles are smaller or larger than a right angle. Year 5 angle worksheets help your child learn about angles in multiples of 90 degrees, and continue to develop their knowledge of identifying angles in 2d shapes including triangles, and how to calculate a missing angle at a point. By the time they reach the end of KS2, our year 6 angle worksheets will consolidate the knowledge your child has learnt so far with a selection of angle questions and other revision resources.


KS3 angle worksheets start to introduce more complex ideas, helping your child to prepare for what’s to come through a selection of fun angle activities. Our year 7 angle worksheets should help your child to calculate angles at points and on straight lines, as well as revising their knowledge of finding missing angles in different types of triangles. Our year 8 angle worksheets should teach your child to correctly label different angles, as well as help them to calculate angles with parallel lines.


Your child should have a very good understanding and knowledge of how to identify and calculate angles by the time they reach our year 9 angles worksheets. Revision and consolidation is important at this level, although converting decimal angles to degrees and minutes is also introduced. With angle questions and answers, practice tests and more, your child should have all the tools they need to understand whatever angles they come up against!

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