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Percentages Worksheets

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Our percentage worksheets tackle a tricky topic with an easy to approach attitude! Our percentages worksheets and other resources start in KS2 and work all the way up to GCSE, giving your child lots of additional support and help every step of the way. Percentages are important for lots of reasons in maths, and are used in lots of other topics throughout the curriculum. Our fractions worksheets and ratio worksheets both feature percentages, so it’s important your child has an understanding of how they work, and how to work out problems with percentages in them. As well as our percentages worksheets, all of our maths worksheets are designed to be used either as an extra resource outside of the classroom or as a homeschooling aid, so whatever your situation, our worksheets and other resources could be perfect for you.

Learn about percentages worksheets

Key Stage 2 percentage worksheets are where the fun starts! Learning the core aspects of working with percentages will help your child build up their knowledge, understanding and confidence when they come up against a percentage question. Year 5 percentages worksheets focus on percentages as fractions and decimals, as well as working out common percentages of numbers including 10% and 20%. Year 6 percentage worksheets continue along this theme, and should help your child work out simple percentages by themselves.

By the time your child reaches Key Stage 3 percentage worksheets, they’ll be able to work out simple percentage questions by themselves. Our year 7 percentage worksheets teach your child to start converting percentages into fractions and simplifying them, as well as finding the percentages of numbers, quantities and measurements. Our year 8 percentage worksheets and year 9 percentage worksheets mainly focus on solidifying your child’s knowledge, as well as introducing them to calculating reverse percentages. By the time your child moves onto our GCSE percentage worksheets, they should be confident working with percentages and figuring out questions independently.

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