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Place Value Worksheets

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Our place value worksheets are a valuable resource that helps your child give meaning to numbers with more than one digit. For children, dealing with very big numbers can be a challenge, especially when they first encounter them, which is why our place value worksheets can be a useful resource to help them learn more about the value of numbers with multiple digits. By addressing and giving a value to each individual digit of a number, a big number can be easily simplified based on where digits sit within the number. For example, the digit 5, in the number 50, here represents 5 tens, whereas, in the number 5620, it represents 5 thousands. Learning about place value is also useful for other maths worksheets, including our decimals worksheets, numbers worksheets and even rounding worksheets!

Learn about place value worksheets

Whether you’re looking at learning resources for your homeschooling programme or your child is in need of a little extra support outside of the classroom, our place value worksheets are created with children in mind. Our place value worksheets have been created by our team of UK teachers, are inline with the National Curriculum and include a variety of place value questions with answers, place value activities and more learning resources. We work hard to keep all of our place value activities engaging - our aim is to help your child succeed and build their confidence.

The basics of the topic is introduced in our Key Stage 1 place value worksheets, providing your child with the foundation they need to start building confidence. Our year 1 place value worksheets and year 2 place value worksheets focus on using place value to help understand small numbers as your child starts to count and identify numbers up to 10 and 20. Using place value in digits and tens will introduce them to the concept without it becoming too tricky! To help make our place value worksheets even more useful, your child can visualise the different columns using an abacus or similar learning aid.


Our year 3 place value worksheets and year 4 place value worksheets introduce an extra digit and support your child as they come across more three digit numbers. As they progress, your child should be able to use place value to differentiate between hundreds, tens and units - as well as use place value to work out if a number is larger or smaller than another.


As your child moves on to our year 5 place value worksheets and year 6 place value worksheets, they will apply place value to their understanding of much larger numbers, going into the millions. Using a place value chart or grid, your child should be able to split numbers up to 10 million to make them more approachable, and apply that to other maths topics. Our place value worksheets help your child to learn different ways of approaching place value, and encourages them to learn at a pace that`s comfortable for them.

Our year 7 place value worksheets and year 8 place value worksheets help to consolidate your child’s knowledge of dealing with very large numbers, and also introduces using place value to help understand very small numbers. By adapting what your child might already know about place value grids, our place value worksheets can help decrease in units from ones, down to tenths and as far as millionths. Your child should learn that place value grids can be extended in both directions, helping them break down and understand large and small whole numbers, as well as those with decimal places.


Our year 9 place value worksheets focus on using place value to support your child’s rounding abilities, and solidifies their understanding in preparation for any place value assessments or tests they might come across.

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