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Time Worksheets

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One of the topics that pops up time and time again throughout maths… is time! If your child needs some extra support outside of school, or if you’re looking for a homeschooling resource, our time worksheets and other maths worksheets could be perfect for your child. Designed in line with the National Curriculum, learning to tell the time worksheets are a great way to introduce the concept of time to younger students, and help teach them how to tell the time. As they progress throughout our time worksheets, your child should also start to learn how to apply reading the time in real life situations to help them in later life.

Learn about time worksheets

Our time worksheets, questions and answers and other resources are printable or completable online to cater to any learning plan, and we even have some sample free time worksheets to try out! Throughout our time worksheets, we aim to introduce new concepts and topics gradually, ensuring your child can recap and consolidate all of their knowledge before moving on to new concepts. Telling the time is something your child will do throughout their entire life, so there’s no better time to start learning than with our National Curriculum aligned time worksheets!

Our Key Stage 1 time worksheets introduce the most basic concepts and principles of time, in a visual way that’s easy to learn and understand. Year 1 time worksheets should teach your child the distinctions between AM and PM, as well as help them begin to understand the concepts of earlier and later times. By the end of our year 2 time worksheets, your child should be able to start counting and measuring time in minutes.

The main aim of our Key Stage 2 time worksheets is to solidify the knowledge learnt throughout previous years, and start to teach your child how to apply their knowledge to real life situations and solving time problems. Year 3 time worksheets and year 4 time worksheets teach your child how many days there are in each month, help them to work out time problems using real life examples, and relate weeks, days and hours together. They should also start to be able to read a calendar. Our year 5 time worksheets and year 6 time worksheets start to teach your child to interpret timetables, as well as support them to independently solve time questions and other problems. After completing our higher level time worksheets, they should be able to use the 12 and 24 hour formats to interpret timetables, and apply this knowledge to test style questions.

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