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Prime Numbers Worksheets

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Prime numbers worksheets are a useful resource when your child comes across them while on their educational journey. However, learning what they are and how to recognise them can be a bit tricky! Not to worry, we’re here to help! Our selection of prime numbers worksheets will provide your child with all the support and guidance they need! Prime numbers are actually quite easy to define, simply because any number that is only divisible by 1 and itself is a prime number. Some of the easiest examples of prime numbers are 2, 3, 5 and 7. Your child can learn about these special examples using our prime numbers worksheets, which will also be useful when tackling some of our other maths worksheets.

Learn about prime numbers worksheets

We strive to make learning fun and accessible for every child, which is why we design our prime number activities to be engaging. We use a variety of different learning approaches including prime number questions and answers, practice prime number tests and hands on prime number worksheet tasks, giving your child the perfect mixture of fun, educational content. Working closely with our team of UK teachers, we make sure our prime number worksheets are always up to date, with content completely aligned to the National Curriculum. Perfect as a homeschooling aid or for some help outside of the classroom, our prime number worksheets are the perfect learning resource for your child.

Key Stage 2 prime numbers worksheets might be the first time your child is likely to come across numbers that are prime. Teaching your child the basics of what makes a prime number, our year 5 prime number worksheets help your child identify prime numbers, identify the difference between prime and composite numbers and also start identifying prime factors.


Our year 6 prime numbers worksheets help to consolidate your child’s knowledge from year 5 - by building their confidence in identifying and understanding prime numbers. These prime number worksheets will help your child understand what they are, and why they’re important. We use a variety of different prime number activities to help your child learn what prime numbers are and what some of the most common prime numbers are, keeping our prime number worksheets engaging and enjoyable to complete.


Our Key Stage 3 prime numbers worksheets help your child understand some of the trickier prime number topics. Our year 7 prime numbers worksheets introduce new concepts such as prime factorisation with indices where your child should be able to select the correct prime factorisation for a list of numbers, as well as revising the differences between prime and composite numbers. We make sure our prime number worksheets are designed in such a way that will help your child become confident and familiar with prime numbers!


Our year 8 prime numbers worksheets and year 9 prime numbers worksheets help your child solidify their knowledge of prime numbers so they feel completely comfortable identifying and understanding them. They will also learn how to find the product of prime factors, rounding off their understanding of the topic and providing them with the skills to know how to tackle prime numbers in the future. Perfect to learn new knowledge or revising old topics, our prime number worksheets are perfect for any learner.

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